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Announcement: Relocation

I guess I'm long overdue to tell you all this, but I have left the NYC area permanently.

I will now be available only for video sessions, and on the rare occasion, perhaps, very special weekend visits for clients in the greater Chattanooga or Huntsville areas - after a thorough screening process and with a significant deposit.

I intend to ramp up production of videos for my Clips4Sale, iWantClips and ExtraLunchMoney sites. (that last will be set up again soon)

Watch this space and my website,, for announcements of when I will be "touring" back in the NYC area and available for sessions. I should be back in town around Christmas time, but don't know yet whether I'll be touring or only visiting family.

Send me an email at with 'Notifix List' in the subject if you'd like to receive an alert by email when I'm planning to be in the NYC area.

In the meantime, if you'd like to help me set up my new space, I have an Amazon Wish List.

Enjoy yourselves up there, puppies.

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