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New photo galleries have finally gone up and more will be coming along steadily.

So far they feature shoe dangling, upskirt, and giantess/standing over you shots as well as full-body glamor photos that don't hide my face; food crush videos and my hooded slave boy taking his dinner on the soles of my feet.

Much more to come.

Here's how it works:

Because it is password protected, this area contains many things that are not publicly viewable / searchable, including:

  • Photos that actually show my face

  • All the REALLY sexy photos

  • Videos (you can request a video and I may choose to make and post it)

You need to click the button below and sign up for an account, which I will then need to approve.  It's very easy.

You can log in here:

Just a teaser...

Updated 8/25/16


Here's a still from the video I uploaded today.  Slave boy eats his dinner from his Mistress's soles.

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