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I'm going to explain this one last time, here, and in future, I'm simply going to link to this post rather than explain it to any, let alone every, individual again.

I'm going to reiterate that I have been doing this delightful stuff for six years, in two states, with ONE name. Mistress Violet Vale.

And you cannot find a single outraged person on the entire internet warning the world that there is someone out there named Mistress Violet Vale going around taking money from people and not giving it back, not giving them sessions...can you? No. It's not there. The reason it's not there is not because there's some way for Me to wipe the internet of those mentions, and it's not because I could somehow be out there all this time taking "deposits" from men on the internet and no one would say anything about it, it's because:

I am not here to rip men off of fifteen, twenty, or even fifty dollars at a time on the internet and never hear from them again.

I am here to have successful sessions, collecting the full tribute, see you leave trembling and begging Me to allow you to return as soon as possible.

I have been doing all of my business the same way, with the same name for six years and have not done anything that would cause anyone to have something negative to say about Me. Let that sink in: People can and will go freely post shit about you, warn people about bad businesses, bad names. I was Mistress Violet on Touch Feet back in New Jersey, I was Mistress Violet when I briefly guested at the NYC Afterhourz Dungeon, and I've had this very website for at least, let's see... four years now?

"I'm not comfortable giving a deposit"

"You might find out my real name and I'm not comfortable with you finding out my name"

But I have this policy because for Me, My needs come before your comfort, and no-shows are one: rampant, two: an abuse of My trust and time, and three: a disruption of My income and of My ability to plan. When I book a session, I block out time for you that could have been made available to someone else, or I may have had to reject another Mistress's request to session in My space. In many cases I may have actually incurred expenses to plan our session, such as having returned home from plans elsewhere, spending money in transit - that's only one example of many. There's another issue around no-shows which bears discussing since it sheds some light on why I need to require a deposit in order to ensure that new clients contacting Me are real and serious.

A Mistress will, regrettably, need to fire a client at times, or otherwise request that someone cease contacting her. They don't always respond maturely, nor comply in a gentlemanly manner, to say the least. I am selective and have made the decision a number of times to ask someone not to continue contacting Me, and My request has generally been respected. However, in the past year I have had two individuals who chose instead to continue contacting me repeatedly, day and night, via email and text and eventually even across different platforms, sometimes pretending to be a new person for a while. One was a young man I'd had a few sessions with and I'd become comfortable enough to not demand the tribute at the start of the session, my mistake: That was the time he decided to come for a session knowing full well that he had no money on him, did not tell me until the end of the session, then said, "I don't have money on me, I'll give it to you later."

There's a reason for each policy a Mistress has. I gave him many options to deliver the tribute to me before he could have another session, excuses were always at hand, and he chose inexplicably to bombard me with texts. After he started emailing me from various different email addresses (but obviously it was him), I finally had to forbid him to contact Me again.

In both of these cases, I was repeatedly contacted anew from different phone numbers, email addresses, and/or social media accounts even after making it clear that no further contact was welcome...

...and at the same time as I did that, I began to experience a huge surge in contacts through my website (or through an advertisement I've posted) where some "potential new client" requests to book a session, we agree upon a time, and either they never show up, or as soon as I request a deposit, they vanish.

I find that a little too much of a coincidence.

It takes thirty seconds to set up a new email address and there's very little way of telling who I'm speaking to when someone contacts Me saying they'd like to book a session. We women have to deal with people like this sometimes... Dommes, many times over. So, unfortunately, I have to take deposits to protect myself, I have to turn down clients who refuse.

If you have any further questions, rather than attempting to argue with me via email, please feel free to comment on this post and I will answer them here so that others may see My answers and I will not have to repeat myself ad infinitum, ad nauseam, ad mortem. Thank you.


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