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Mistress Violet's New Web Home

Hello lovelies, it's Mistress Violet here and I'm very pleased to shatter this bottle against the hull of my new internet home,

It was an Autumn of unpacking and getting set up in my new (well, revisited, after a ten-year absence) real world home, Brooklyn; and a long, rough Winter. Now I'm ready once again to set up shop here, in my new bigger and better place, with my deep apologies to those in North Jersey who will miss me and my ten toes.

(I will still continue my solid focus on Foot Fetish services, for your high arch and long toes lovers,

as well as light domination, restraint, spanking, well, use your imagination.)

Visits from those I left behind are always wonderful, of course, if you can stomach the distance, and the tolls.

Soon I will have a page for videos to which you will be able to subscribe if you wish to see my feet and the things I do with them from afar, and you will find Paypal link, Amazon wish list and the like popping up for your convenience in pampering and paying tribute to your Mistress. In the meantime please enjoy - and I do mean ENJOY - the pictures I have up so far,

feel free to make any requests for photos or videos (or sessions!) that you'd like me to consider on my Contact page, and

await my posting of next week's availability, which I will put up some time on Saturday. You are also welcome to beg me to bring you to an upcoming NYC fetish party as my slave, with a special Grand Opening fee of only my door cover plus one hundred dollars. I will consider all such requests, though I will require an introductory interview/session before hand.

Use my contact form, do a good job of following my few directions for your introductory email, be ready to send me your photo if I reply, and have a lovely time!

After all this hard work, I am on vacation until Sunday night.

Good night!

xo Violet

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