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Patreon - Work a Miracle For Me, Puppy!

So. Starting this past Wednesday, I have a Patreon. I am posting Promo codes on it that will allow you to download my videos from ExtraLunchMoney for just a couple of bucks, even if they were priced at $15 or more, and will allow you to watch alllll my videos on iWantClips for only




...for the next week only.

In order to get these promo codes, you have to go to my Patreon page and pledge literally any amount of money that's $1 or more. You'll be helping me out in a big way as well as helping me make more photos and videos.

Go here:

Here's the thing. If I get 30 Patrons in the next 28 days, I'll get a $50 bonus from Patreon. If I get 250 Patrons, I WILL GET $500 and the person who referred me with get $500. This is a huge deal. So please consider signing up even if it's just $3 for a few months!

I promise you'll get your money's worth out of it.

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