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A Long-Overdue Update

"I'm not going to be available for a while." It seems like it would have been a pretty simple thing to have said at some point. But, at WHAT point... And how long is a while? And how much was it ever appropriate for a Domme to tell her clients that she's not well, in the first place? Not much choice, now, at any rate.

In hindsight it's clear to me that this is information I should have given all of you several months ago at least, but at the time, it wasn't clear at all. First I thought I just needed a few more days, then a few MORE days, and before I knew it I was so far in that I didn't even realize how long it had been. I certainly had no way of knowing how long to tell anyone that I needed. It always just seemed like I needed to get a bit more sleep or to take some vitamins, or to switch my meds, or...


And now it's been seven months since I made a blog post and more than four months since I've taken an appointment. I can't remember the last time I checked my email before today. All I was able to do was delete probably a fraction of the obvious trash.

So here comes the part where I make a long-overdue post telling you retroactively that I have not been working at all due to a complex web of health issues. I'm not getting into details, because my body is none of your business - indeed it's quite the other way around - but the keywords I want you to know are: "Chronic, Severe Insomnia and Chronic Pain," also, "The Chicken or The Egg."

I'm also fairly sure that I can state with some authority that whoever said, "No one ever died from a lack of sleep" was blatantly lying. I can't prove it yet and I hope I never do, but my suspicions are strong and fairly well-founded at this point. I'll leave it at that.

This post has been brought to you by my first solid two hours of sleep in weeks, which were blissfully ensconced within my first night of sleep in memory. I am doing my level best, at this time, to catch up a bit and look towards setting up the foundational blocks of beginning to take sessions and photo / video sessions again, as I've hoped and wished to do this entire time.

I have not forgotten about a single one of you. I'm far too young to go down without a fight but beneath the exquisite exterior of a Goddess there exist some cracks and broken pieces, some of which have always been there, and the end result is that this year so far has been a damned struggle... the outcome of which wasn't always assured.

My making this post doesn't mean the struggle is over, either, so bear with me:

- If you're looking for a session soon, go right ahead and email me saying so, but absolutely give me at least 24 hours notice at all times.

- Otherwise, give me a few weeks to get caught up. I'm going to try to reply to all of the emails that I've received while I've been away. YES, even keeping up with emails has been beyond my abilities for most of the past several months, so don't even doubt my word on that, in fact, consider what that means.

- This is critical: This whole thing has left me with some cognitive effects, there's going to be no hiding that any longer. If you don't know what that means, I'll explain. It means I'm more forgetful than I've ever been, and very noticeably. I've told some of you that I'm New York's Number One Scatterbrained Mistress, but I let things fall through the cracks at an alarming rate now. I'm not sure if this is a temporary or permanent effect.

If I don't reply to your text or email within an appropriate timeframe to facilitate setting up the appointment, it's going to be on you, the client or the submissive slave, to remind me. I will require clear confirmation of all appointments by email or text at the time of booking as well as the day or night prior. These are common courtesies in this business, but they will now be absolutely necessary. Remind me about Everything, and I'll reward you in all of the ways that I can.

- Additionally, it is absolutely necessary to book sessions easily and quickly, with a minimum number of individual communications, be they texts or emails, required. Too many texts or emails exchanged, and it will become too confusing or I may simply decide that it is too much trouble to book a session for you and move on.

- Phone calls are simply not allowed. If you truly wish to speak with me by telephone, this can be arranged, however sessions cannot be booked by phone, and anyone calling me out of the blue without obtaining permission to do so and prerranging the time will be blacklisted by me. It is highly preferred that you ask me if I will call you.

- In the past, I have not entertained offers of household slaves rather than full-paying subs. This policy has now softened for reasons that should be obvious: I'm afraid that in addition to the fact that I'm not working much at all, I now have an expanded need for cleaning help. My loss is thereby your gain. If you cannot afford to session with me often, but get off on being made to clean and take orders, apply within.

- You'll need to understand that I am in no way, shape or form available for any reason between the hours of 8 pm and at least 8 AM, possibly quite a bit later in the morning. My rest is the number one priority right now and I must do everything necessary to secure it, including placing a strict prohibition on myself from looking at screens or bright lights for a period of time before bed. I also cannot be expected to communicate until I am fully awake in the morning and presently this takes quite a bit of time for a variety of reasons

- My nice space in a residential building in a trendy area of Brooklyn is available for sessions, photo / video shoots, and the like. If you know of a photographer or Mistress who would like to discuss use of it, please send them my way. This type of arrangement has been extremely beneficial to me during this period of illness. My rates and arrangements are quite flexible, and if you find me such business and desire a reward in the form of a discount on a session or a free or deeply discounted clip, etc., simply have them tell me who sent them.

One last thing: I used to have a Patreon account, but since the time when they paid lip service to remaining a safe online home to women like me after FOSTA/SESTA (please read about those, a post about this is forthcoming as long as I stay 'back') made our work scarcer, harder to find and arguably more dangerous, Patreon has apparently decided that literally 99% of everything I do is pornographic and that I'm not even to LINK to it from my Patreon account. Not only that, but that I'm not even to offer discounts for my foot videos to you, my far-flung admirers and supporters, not even from within paid Patrons-only posts. So I have shut down my Patreon account. I don't want to be giving them any of your money if this is how they are going to play things.

In the meantime, I will be doing just this. If you make a tribute to me in any amount using the links that I will provide on the front page of this site, you will receive a discount code valid for any of my videos on my iWantClips store. Bear in mind I do not have the same ability to give out discount codes for my clips on Clips4Sale, but if you prefer that site over iWantClips, let me know in the comments (or by email if necessary) and we'll work something out. I have no shame in saying I need all the help I can get in getting back up and running here. Rent on my lovely space as well as the things that I have needed to try to fight my way back to physical wellness cost quite a bit of money. That was a lot. If you've read this much, I thank you from the top of my purple head to the bottom of my soles.


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