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Breaking in a New Slave

CBT Closeup

Breaking in my new slave. Those are binder clips around "Tom's" cock and balls. Must have been pretty painful for this pathetic, little whore, I imagine? Whimpering, twitching and oozing... You should have seen his for real tears, from this mindbending pain and drop-dead humiliation session. So after humiliating this lowly worm verbally for a few I could see his eyes start to well. Maybe it was when I called him cunt as I spat on his cheeks? I sat on the couch dressed in a tight, little black dress and, Tom the little troll got on his knees before me. I yanked his pants down his thighs and his cute little ball sack and dick pop out from the pair of my old, stretched out polka-dot panties he is wearing underneath... Poor little insect, will he just climax if I touch it? Anyway, I whip out my clip box loaded with these giant metal manuscript clips. Massive numbers that sting with numbing pain. I must have had 20. As he cried and shook I put on one after another. All over his balls - some pinching beyond the skin directly to the nerve. Then I put them up and down his shaft ending with one on his dick head. Can I make this fuckface pass out? I mean, I'm a nice mistress, but he's begging me to. Boing - into his eyes with mine, he was gone. I had total power over him. Humiliated, powerless and in pass-out level pain. Too bad. I stroked his balls with my black-gloved finger. Must have messed up his pea brain big time: Pain or pleasure, Mr. Loser? I then just sat there and watched him cry in front of me.

Suffer for me, baby. You little piece of shit. Say it as I stare at your bobbing, pathetic dick, leaking pre-cum, covered with sharp metal clips. "Tom", if you read this (which I know you are - you can't resist the embarrassment), believe you are the panty wipe, human waste I say you are. Tom's journey with me is just beginning.


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