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A Very Happy Birthday Week

Sure, okay, a bit of the celebrating was a bit solitary, but there were some mellow good times out in the city too, excessive drinking with old, good friends, and news that I MIGHT JUST MIGHT (cross your fingers for Mistress) have a new big apartment to shoot videos and play with you all in. This would mean my hours of availability being greatly expanded as well.

Also, for any of you who are behind the times, I have a LOT of new videos up at my new clips stores:

Clips4Sale: iWantClips:

and, Extra Lunch Money:

I do prefer you shop at them in THAT order. iWantClips is a pay-to-stream site, for those who for whatever reason can't be downloading files in order to watch them. Extra Lunch Money is a bit like Clips4Sale except the filesize limit is a lot lower, so quality is lower, but you can also pay to chat or video chat with me through iWantClips or ExtraLunchMoney.

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