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Hours of availability   

Currently: No In-Person Availability

** Limited live video sessions are possible (inquire)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mistress Violet is not currently accepting in-person sessions.  We are self-quarantining here and encourage others to make life easier for our first responders, healthcare staff and other front line workers by doing so to the full extent possible.

You may contact me with a last-minute or same-day session request, however, understand that it may not be possible, in which case you will receive either no response at that time, or a simple no.  If I have had cancellations, a change in schedule or if I am simply at home working, I will be happy to accommodate short-notice requests; however, if that is the case, I will PROBABLY have posted it here on my site.

Availability for video sessions

Availability for private video sessions is by request only.  Rates are $30 for 30 min, $55 for an hour, with additional fee if you require something particularly complex, and payment must be made via Venmo or PayPal at start of session.

Appointments require at least 24 hours notice unless you see an appeal for sessions on short notice in this space (This would only happen if there has been a short-notice cancellation or change in My schedule).  Reliable long-time clients may contact me to inquire about appointments with less than 24 hours notice.

Deposit policy    |   back to top

Due to excessive no-shows, especially among new clients, and the time and cost that's frequently involved for me in planning a session, I MUST require a 50% deposit made AT the time of booking in order to hold the time for you. 


This can be made via Venmo, PayPal, or GiftRocket to  If you would like to use another service just ask.


If you must cancel, and you do so more than 60 hours in advance, the deposit will be fully refunded.

In the event that you cancel your session fewer than 60 hours in advance but at least 4 hours in advance (by 9:30 pm the night before for AM sessions), I will refund the deposit minus a $20 fee per planned session hour ($15 for 1/2 hr sessions) for my time and trouble and the decreased likelihood of my filling that timeslot.

If you simply don't show up or contact me to cancel within hours of the appointment time, the deposit is forfeit.  I am already getting ready for our appointment and it is far too late for me to change my plans or find another session to replace yours.  These steps are unfortunately necessary to prevent me from actually LOSING money.

A lengthier explanation of why this is necessary, and hopefully answers to all of your concerns about it, can be found HERE

Sessions   |   back to top

I offer:

  • Foot fetish.  Foot / shoe / stocking worship, trampling, smothering with my feet, footstool, kissing, etc.

  • Restraint - Some enjoy the peace of mind of being tied up.

  • Spanking - pure and simple.

  • "Slave [personal] training" - Not motivated to exercise?  This is an accountable, strict and sexy way to whip you into shape

  • Pet play (walked on a leash, fed treats, scolded, et cetera)

  • light verbal abuse

  • face slapping, spitting, ballbusting / kicking

  • YES, I do sell used and worn undergarments including socks, panties and bras.

  • YES, I will do a video chat / remote domination - with payment in advance.  Ask me


But definitely do NOT offer the following services:

  • any sexual acts as defined by NYS law

  • Smelly feet - ask me again next summer.

  • mommy or other parental figure roleplay

  • prostate play / scat - no anal anything.  Get it.

  • brown or "roman" showers.  Just no.

  • choking

  • "wrestling" , whatever you may mean by that

  • switch or sub

  • topless or otherwise nude - my clothing, however much I choose to wear, remains on

My Bed-Stuy location is NOT a dungeon.  I am lightly equipped since my specialty is Foot Fetish, however if there is something specific you think you'll be needing, don't hesitate to ask me if I have it.

Instructions and Answers to Questions   |   back to top
The steps to booking a session are as follows:
1. See the SESSIONS section of this page to verify that what you are looking for is NOT on my NO list.
2. Consult the Availability section of this page to see when I am available, and choose a time you'd like to have your session, along with a couple of backup times in case the first time you chose won't work for any reason.
3. Contact me describing what type of session you would like as well as you can, along with your requested times.
4.  I will reply letting you know what the tribute for your session will be, and either confirm your requested time or work out a different time with you.
5. Deposit.  Your appointment is not confirmed until I receive a deposit in the amount of 50% of the session cost.  It should be made to and sent via PayPal or GiftRocket (be advised that GiftRocket charges a $5 and if you choose to use GiftRocket and end up requiring a refund of your deposit, I will have to subtract $5 from the refund.)  If you have another FREE money-sending service that you prefer, ask me if you may use it instead.  PLEASE NOTE the time will NOT be held for you until I receive the deposit.  Until I receive the deposit, if someone else asks for that time and sends a deposit, I will have to give them that time.
6. Confirmation and address.   Once the appointment is confirmed and the deposit is received, you are expected to confirm with me that you are still coming, 24 hours in advance, via email or text.  At that time, I will send you the exact address.
I also request that you send an email or text message when you are leaving to come see me.
7. Upon arrival.   Under no circumstances should you enter the building without permission to come up.
8. When you enter. Remove your shoes immediately as you enter the living room door.  The remainder of the tribute is to be handed to me immediately.
  • When you arrive should you kneel at my feet and greet my by kissing my feet?
If your session involves foot fetish, domination, obedience, humiliation or being made to feel lowly, then yes, you will greet me by kneeling at my feet and kissing my feet or shoes before asking me what I would like you to do.  If you are here for a more casual foot fetish and chat session or if we've established that dominance and submission are not your kinks and not going to be part of our relationship, then you do not need to perform this formality.  These are things I'll need to know about you.
Deposit Policy
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