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Delay, delay, delay...

Hello, little piggie.

It's time to fess up as to Mistress Violet's unavailability of late. At the same time, your Mistress has suffered a [thankfully minor] foot injury, and lost - hopefully temporarily - her lovely little space in which to operate. In the case of the former hindrance, only time will fix the problem - the foot has to heal before I can use it

again. In the case of the latter situation, resources are required to fix the problem. Resources that I must confess are tight, due to my recent inability to cram my beautiful feet into your gaping mouth. It's been a bit tough being unable to do what I do best for several weeks.

Mistress needs your help, is what I'm saying. I'm asking you to supplicate yourself to me, beg me to return to generously attending to your perverted fantasies (and possibly your back side), and help me to do so by showing me your faithfulness, eagerness, and generosity.

I'm about to put up a large number of new photos (taken just before the foot incident) and a small video. I'm soon to begin making little mini-movies just for you... crushing food with my bare feet? Imagine yourself licking it off, eating it from between my toes. I want to hear what you really want to see, deep down.

These photos and videos will be behind the password-only area. You'll have one week, as the initial photos begin to go up, to set up some kind of little token of your appreciation...Paypal Allowance is strongly preferred (email address but if you absolutely cannot accomplish that, you may email me to discuss your other options. After the one week, the list of subscribers with passwords will be cleared of anyone who isn't doing their part to get your favorite feet back in action soon.

Your contribution can be in any amount, really - do what you feel is right and within your means, I won't judge you - as long as it is regular, you'll have access.

Allow me to remind you that I am also happily willing to set you tasks to do - and prove to me you've done them via video chat, if you like - and if you are one of those secret panty-sniffers, remember that I do sell panties and will even be willing to meet you in person at a restaurant... to slip them off under the table and press them into your waiting hands between your knees...

Show me how good you can be for me, and I will show you how good - or how bad - I can treat you.

Your Mistress,


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