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Back Up And Running!

Darlings, I apologize. I have been so remiss. As some of you know (and many do not), due to the landlords doing construction that made the old building utterly unsuitable for playing, I was forced to relocate my space. This ended up with me unintentionally taking the summer off, but I am relocated and the finishing touches are almost in place. I will "reopen" on Sunday, September 13th by making a few afternoon or early evening sessions available - just ask!

The new place is much nicer and more convenient than the old - closer to the subway, only one flight of stairs rather than four, no more extremely creepy stairwell. It's at the same subway stop as the old place, but just under one very short block from the OTHER exit of the station. And parking is somehow even more abundant over here than it was by the old place.

I'm still sharing the space with my photographer/videographer, so there's still no reason to worry about neighbors possibly wondering why you are here. And hopefully once the dust settles, we'll finally get more photos and some videos up - please contact me with any special requests your dirty little mind can dream up!

I'll be available most weekdays until about 3:30 p.m. - later MAY be possible but with advance notice only. Tuesdays still only after 1 p.m. since I must do yoga. Mistress needs to stay limber.

Wednesdays after noon, Thursdays after 11, Monday and Friday as early as 10.

Sunday afternoons/early evenings by request, and evenings might occasionally be worked out by very, very special request.

As ever, special availability that pops up will be noted on the front page and the availabiil I hope to see all my little piggies and slaves again soon.

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