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What a week for feet.

And hands!

Here's me yesterday, air-drying my freshly-washed tootsies, having a nice glass of wine, and reflecting.

It's funny. Some men, when presented with a pair of dainty feet, want nothing more than to suck on them like a baby with ten thumbs; others aren't satisfied unless I play at forcing my foot down their throat while laughing cruelly at their predicament; and still other foot fetishists recoil at the idea of even placing someone else's toes in their mouth, but still want to smell my shoes and take great enjoyment in holding them, rubbing them all over, and perhaps getting walked on.

Some of you absolutely crave humiliation, while others find it icky and a complete turn-off.

And there's simply no way for me to know unless you've told me already, when I first meet you, whether you deeply desire pain or whether I'll smack your butt one time and you'll leap up and say, "OW! What is wrong with you, woman?!"

Some of you are disappointed if a domme doesn't command you to grovel at her feet and call you slave and worm... others think "that stuff" is creepy and over the top.

Some are so kind as to send me an email detailing what they are and are not into, but in many cases the only thing to do is get used to someone and figure out their needs as you go.

So, this week. I have had some very pleasant, profitable, and ego-inflating first meetings. Thanks to Mike... wow, you really...REALLY love feet. Thank you, S.G., for the kind words and the amusement of watching you squirm around on my floor under my soles!

And thanks to Al - I have to confess my hand STILL hurts. ​ I demand a rematch.

You boys are amusing me, inflating my head to a ridiculous size, and materially improving my lifestyle, and I appreciate you. Unfortunately, this past week I also managed to lose my purse at one of our city's fine museums. After a long saga which saw me spending over eight hours of my life on trains, I finally got it back - minus every bit of cash I had made last week. This is a huge blow, but I'll make it up... I'll have to smack twice as many butts, walk on twice as many backs, tie twice as many wrists to my couch... but I'll make it up.

In the meantime if you gentle readers would like to do something to ease the sting of this loss, I would love love LOVE it and there are several options:

- make an appointment for one of the times it shows that I'm free - tomorrow (Wednesday) between 12:30 pm and 2 is a good start... and in addition to the tribute, bring me a bottle of wine or perhaps buy me a pair of shoes you'd REALLY like to see me wear - size 9.

- Amazon gift cards, or better yet, an Amazon Allowance, sent to Setting up an Amazon Allowance for me will get you ongoing access to the members-only areas of this site once I actually start uploading the videos (and thus restricting the access - right now it's free) and that will give you the privilege of requesting special photos or videos made just for you.

- Paypal gifts to (send as "friends and family" or "gift")

Not only that, but after all those hours on the train, my poor feet are ACHING. I'm definitely going to need you to come and rub them. Tomorrow or Friday. You're such a good boy.



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